baking pizza...Meet the Italian quality: as is well known, our taste, our quality, and our traditions are renown all over the world.

We can claim, without fear of being proven wrong, that our peculiar qualities have been adopted as a model and cloned in the major metropolitan areas all over the globe. In fact the adjective “Italian style” in many sectors is a synonym and guarantee of quality. 

We are quality maniacs and we research every aspect of our activity: from the choice of raw materials, their workmanship, the presentation of the product and the locale, to the service and the relationship with the client.

Our pizzas are made by traditional hand work with a natural rising of more than 24 hours. We use only first class fresh products to prepare them, in order to offer you the traditional taste of truly Italian pizza.

We are Italian and are used to being so as best as possible. 

The secret of this success?

italian pizzeriaThere are many factors that influenced our lifestyle:

  • The conquests of our armies and the foreign dominations endured;
  • The mixture of our regional traditions;
  • The daily rituals and the culture of hospitality;
  • The will to always offer our guests the best;
  • The relationship with our friends;
  • The pride of being the unique for our “Italianness”….
  • The desire to share common grounds.

Italians have always had places where to meet and speak, joke around, debate, create, comment, meditate, regenerate, taste… closed and open spaces, real points of reference and gathering.

Squares, bars, ice cream shops, restaurants, pizzerias, in this sense have contributed to the development of that “culture of quality” that is recognized to Italy in many fields.

All this serves us as inspiration for the service that we offer every day.